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Shop Small Day 218: Riverbrook Bike & Ski

In the past 10 years I think I have rode my bicycle twice. So the reason I was intrigued to check out today’s shop was less about the inventory and more about the building itself. But, I left the store feeling enthusiastic about both! Riverbrook Bike & Ski isn’t just a great small shop, it’s... Read more »

Day 143: Tremblay's Sweet Shop

What’s a Main Street without an old-fashioned candy shop? Not one I want to visit! ¬†Hayward, Wisconsin doesn’t disappoint here. ¬†Remember, it’s Memorial Day weekend and we’re on a virtual vacation at my sister’s lakehouse. Even though the guys could stay on the lake fishing for hours, it’s not hard to entice anyone to ride... Read more »

Day 142: Red Schoolhouse Wines

Well, it’s the long Memorial Day weekend and it’s travel baseball season. So you know what that means? Momma’s going nowhere. I doubt baseball concession stands count as small businesses (though they do support your local parks, so pick up a candy bar or cotton candy), so we’re going on a virtual vacation to the... Read more »