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Shop Small Day 277: Top 7 of 2013

Ok, it was nearly impossible coming up with my 7 favorite small businesses of 2013. So, I had to create some criteria to narrow the selection a bit. (A) 2013 had to be the first time I visited the shop (I was already a fan of Peter Rubi and Pet Supply Outlet before 2013), (B)... Read more »

Day 97: Yoga, sushi, yogurt, and more!

It’s been a whirlwind of a birthday weekend, so tonight’s post is going to be brief.  I think I visited several of my favorite small spots over the past three days plus a couple more I’ll tell you about next week. I thoroughly enjoyed some yoga, sushi, frozen yogurt, and ice cream.   Good thing... Read more »

Day 96: Yogurt Beach

It seems like yogurt shops are popping up everywhere lately. Though most of them seem to follow the same premise, I found one that definitely stands out from the crowd! Thanks, Lori, for the recommendation, because my new favorite frozen yogurt shop is hands-down Yogurt Beach. Family owned (there are a couple other shops in... Read more »