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Shop Small Day 305: Heroes West Sports Grill

A team celebration dinner after a big win is pretty-much a given. But, when said game ends after 9 on a weeknight, I figure we’re resigned to pizza or wings. I certainly wouldn’t expect local grass-fed beef, USA-raised GMO-free pork, Bell & Evans chicken, or locally made mozarella. Then again, I had never been to... Read more »

Shop Small Day 277: Top 7 of 2013

Ok, it was nearly impossible coming up with my 7 favorite small businesses of 2013. So, I had to create some criteria to narrow the selection a bit. (A) 2013 had to be the first time I visited the shop (I was already a fan of Peter Rubi and Pet Supply Outlet before 2013), (B)... Read more »

Shop Small Day 254: International Dinner

A couple of years ago I hosted Christmas Eve for my family. Since it was at my house, I figured I could put a little spin on the menu. So, in my natural “tree-hugging” spirit we created a Peace on Earth/Christmas Around the World International dinner. The meal was less about making sure all of... Read more »

Shop Small Day 236: Tailwinds Distilling

Remember when microbrews and craft beers were relatively unknown? In a few years we’ll say the same about craft spirits. Making a name for themselves against the “big boys” -and beating them in many competitions- craft spirits (namely today’s spot) are quickly gaining support. Thanks to a small distillery near my house, I can easily... Read more »