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Puffed Pear Pancake: tastes like Sunday morning, simple enough for busy weekday breakfast

We’ve heard it a million times, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, when the school bus comes at 6:30, you’re trying to get kids- and yourself- ready and out the door, making a hot breakfast seems downright laughable. Flipping pancakes before I’ve had a cup of coffee isn’t my favorite way... Read more »

Are you making these 5 clean eating mistakes?

I get it. Eating healthy isn’t always easy. It seems like one day this food is great for you, and the next…hmmm..maybe not so much. In general, though, choosing whole foods is more nutritious than focusing on the sum of its parts. A vitamin C supplement may give you a vitamin boost, but it won’t... Read more »

I found an auto service shop that doesn't suck: Dear Subaru this is for you

Dear Subaru, Grab a snack. This might take awhile. It’s a story of love…and hate…and love. At the end of 2010 it was time for a new car. As the owner of a sustainable living company, I was drawn to Subaru’s environmental reputation. “Get a Subaru” friends said. “They’re environmentally friendly!” “They have great customer... Read more »

Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey: and an unlikely love story

I often get frustrated with minor inconveniences: red lights when I’m running late, lost car keys, an uncooperative phone. Nothing of importance in the grand scheme of life…but I’ve been known to lose my shit over it a time or two. A crisis, on the other hand, and I’m your woman. I find my balance... Read more »

A nutritionist's guide: 4 tips for healthy eating

In an ideal world we’d grow our own vegetables…pick fresh fruit off our trees & bushes…gather eggs from our pet hens…and milk our own cows and goats. Yeah, that’s not my world today. Though it’s nice picking fresh basil and peppers from our small backyard garden, it’s certainly not going to sustain me…or my constantly... Read more »

How to read sugar labels and avoid the sugar tax: new nutrition labels are here

There’s no question that sugar consumption in the US is a little out of control. Our frappuccino “snack” has 11-20 teaspoons of sugar alone…the World Health Organization recommends no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day. Uh oh. No problem, just switch to sugar-free, right? Wrong. Those synthetic sugars: splenda, equal, sucralose, truvia,... Read more »

Shop Small Day 211: Four Day Ray Brewing

Over the past several years, I’ve found fantastic small businesses around the Midwest (Fatty Lumpkins… Evil Czech Brewery….Baker’s Wife) while venturing from town to town with my son’s travel baseball team. This year marked the last season for his team as the boys all move on to high school in a couple weeks. Our final... Read more »

Shop Small Day 210: Hazel Marie's

Every small town needs an ice cream parlor, right? I mean Main Street and ice cream just go together. Unfortunately, for too many years, Plainfield didn’t have one. Sure, you could get a scoop, but a true, go to town for, old school ice cream shop didn’t exist. Until this month. Local residents Tammy and... Read more »

Your job isn't more important because you make more money

One of the perks of waiting tables through high school and college (besides cash in pocket) is the valuable life lessons learned. You learn to never go out in/out of the kitchen empty-handed (or up and down stairs); you learn that how you treat the wait-staff says more about your character than money ever will;... Read more »

Healthier junk food: a sports nutritionist's 4 favorite chips

Junk food is never going to be categorized as “healthy.” But, really, as much as I like crisp kale chips (not kidding, roast them with olive oil & Mexican spices), they aren’t quite the same as Cheetos. Are Cheetos doing my body any favors, no, but they aren’t “bad.” Terrorists are bad. Pedophiles are bad.... Read more »