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Things to do in Orlando besides Disney Parks

The realization hit me that I really only have two Spring breaks left with my daughter before she graduates high school. Most of our latest vacations & getaways have been driven by sports. This year I wanted a non-sports related family vacation come hell or high water. And, since we’d just finished two crazy hockey... Read more »

Shop Small Day 307: Nic's Organic Fast Food

I get it. Some days call for a burger and fries. You don’t have time to sit down, you just need to eat and get back to your day. Wouldn’t it be great if a quick, drive-thru meal could also be a little healthier? Now it can. Introducing America’s FIRST Certified Organic Drive-Thru… Nic’s Organic... Read more »

5 tips to reduce sugar from your diet: a SLASH system that works

Sugar is obviously a hot topic in the nutrition world. Marketing tells us that sugar is the root of all disease and it should essentially be banned from our diets. Store shelves are packed with “low- sugar” and “no-sugar” options. But, is sugar really the problem, or is it the quantities we’re consuming? I recently... Read more »

Endless free things to do...if you have this card

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a place your kids could record school presentations with state of the art equipment…for free? Theatre classes can be seriously expensive…free classes for those would be good too. How about craft workshops? While we’re at it… I’d like to take some cooking classes… learn a foreign language… take... Read more »

Shop Small Day 305: Heroes West Sports Grill

A team celebration dinner after a big win is pretty-much a given. But, when said game ends after 9 on a weeknight, I figure we’re resigned to pizza or wings. I certainly wouldn’t expect local grass-fed beef, USA-raised GMO-free pork, Bell & Evans chicken, or locally made mozarella. Then again, I had never been to... Read more »

What's your Plan Be: mourning the loss of Amy Krouse Rosenthal

I am heartbroken. I am devastated in that way we mourn celebrities that we’re sure would’ve become lasting friends if we’d ever actually met. It’s a similar shock and sadness as when I heard that Prince and Alan Rickman died…they way many others felt about David Bowie or Carrie Fisher. I imagine, though, that this... Read more »

My proudest moment of my son's team winning the NIHL hockey championship has nothing to do with what took place on the ice

Winning the championship cup is the goal for any sport. For most young athletes it’s their equivalent to raising the Stanley Cup or Commissioner’s Trophy. It turns a great season into an unforgettable one. This weekend, I watched my son and sixteen teammates create lifelong memories when they won the NIHL Bantam Gold A championship... Read more »

The best diet plan for you

Over the past few years I’ve watched several friends jump from diet to diet: Paleo, South Beach, and Skinny Bitch to name a few. The common ground between all of them was deprivation. Cutting out carbs, foregoing alcohol, and even skipping meals and detoxes were often part of their “get healthy” plans. The problem with... Read more »

Organic food will make you thin: and other nutrition myths

Do you remember years ago when Snackwell’s “fat-free” cookies first hit the market and everyone was like “OH MY GOD! Fat-Free cookies!” So they ate them by the boxful and were SHOCKED when they…gained weight! Thankfully, we’ve become a little more knowledgeable over the years and better understand that labels that read “fat-free” or “sugar-free”... Read more »

Shop Small Day 304: La Flor de Morelos

When you live in a small-ish town, word spreads quickly when a new restaurant opens. Unlike most new spots, though, this restaurant’s location is receiving as much attention as its food. It’s not every day that an authentic Mexican mom & pop taqueria opens up…inside the gas station. You read that correctly. La Flor de... Read more »