5 Books to Help You Stick To Your Resolutions

Vowing that 2018 will be THE YEAR that you stick to your resolutions? Whether your New Year's goals include eating healthier, tackling finances, managing stress, raising environmentally aware kids, or just finishing one book...these five books will help you put a check-mark by those resolutions. Feel like a beginner in all of these areas? These books are perfect for you.

5-booksResolution #1: Eat Healthier. Sure you can scroll Pinterest for recipes, but half the time we get sidetracked and the next thing we know we're redesigning our kitchen and still have no ideas for dinner. Stay focused- and fed- with Hot Mess Kitchen (Gabi Moskowitz & Miranda Berman). If turning on the oven is a major victory for you, you'll love How To Cook A Chicken Breast That Doesn't Suck. Testing your baking skills? This book has my new favorite, My Boss Is a Bitch Banana Bread. If you're intimidated to cook, Hot Mess Kitchen is a great starting point. You'll build confidence, save some cash avoiding the drive-thru, and discover how delicious real ingredients are.

Ready for the next step? Happily Homemade: Cooking with Love (Rachel Schultz) is another approachable favorite. Great pictures, real ingredients, pat yourself on the back recipes. Seriously, make the carrot and parsnip fries.

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Resolution #2: Tackle Finances. Dwindling down debt? Buying first home? Choosing a new credit card? Though it's geared toward millennials, Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together (Erin Lowry), is a great guide for all ages. It's essentially the financial basics they should teach in high school but don't. Broke Millennial takes the mystery and taboo from money and offers great information...without sounding judgey or dull.

I read somewhere that if you understand compound interest, you earn it...if you don't, you pay it. Broke Millennial will help you earn it.

Resolution #3: Manage Stress. While you may be hoping for a drama-free 2018, odds are good that life has other plans. Even exciting events: new home, marriage, baby on the way, bring stress. Learning to cope with and manage life's everyday stressors is essential. I recommended Stress Intelligence: 365+ Ways to Smooth the Stress Flow (authored by fellow CN writer, Serena Wadhwa) in 6 Fabulous Books for Teens, and still believe it's a must-have for all ages.

While all 365 suggestions may not work for you, they're all simple enough to try and pick up a few new coping methods throughout the year. Teens are definitely not exempt from stress, and these short suggestions are an effective way for them to discover multiple stress-management techniques.

blog-nature-kidResolution #4: Increase Environmental Awareness. Of course we want our kids to be happy and healthy, but we also want them to understand the importance of environmental responsibility. Empowering kids to see the difference they can make while they're young may lead to continued awareness as they become our future world leaders. The Earth, the Alphabet, and Me (Jenny Pesout & Christine Donaldson) provides 26 ways (from A-Z) for kids make an impact on the environment- from conserving water to fun repurposing projects.

Resolution #5: Finish One Book. I get it, there's only so many hours in a day. If simply finishing one book has been on your to-do list for far too long- The Right Words at the Right Time (Marlo Thomas and friends) is for you.
1- you don't have to read it straight through.
2- some essays are only 2 pages.
3- don't you want to know what someone said to Ellen DeGeneres that encouraged her at the perfect time?

Or Muhammad Ali...or Chris Rock...or Barbara Walters...or Jeff Bezos...or Venus Williams?

This book is really written by over 100 athletes, activists, entrepreneurs, celebrities, designers, even Presidents sharing the encouraging words that were...well, the Right Words at the Right Time. The 381 pages may seem daunting, but reading just one story a day will have it finished before summer!

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