The Best Diet Plan For You: Part 2

A few things have changed since I wrote part one of the best diet plan for you. My kids are now teenagers, and I became a certified sports nutritionist. Yet, despite an extra driver in the house, I still feel like I'm constantly on the go. What does this mean for you? Not a whole lot. Except... when you say life is busy, I hear yeah.

the-best-diet-for-youThere are plenty of nights when I look at my kids and think seriously, we have to eat dinner again tonight? Coach added an hour to practice tonight? No problem let me just rearrange the other four events we have scheduled.

The quick answer would be to pick up drive-thru on the way to practice/work/meetings. And that is an option, albeit not the healthiest one.

But that's sort of the name of that "healthier lifestyle" game. There is no winning- it seems to be the one thing these days that there isn't a trophy. Regardless of how others can sometime make us feel, no one gets to claim that they're the healthiest person in the world. There's always something more that can be done.

We do the best we can on any given day. The best option, however, is having the tools to at least empower ourselves to make a choice.

Not everyone can buy organic.
Not everyone can raise their own chickens.
Not everyone swears off sugar.

We want our kids to have a positive body image, we're careful not to say "I'm fat" or criticize our thighs in front of them. But swearing off food groups, and choosing food-ish options aren't necessarily doing us (or our kids) any favors either.

blog-cook-3Food isn't bad. Terrorists are bad. Pedophiles are bad. Ice cream is amazing.

Is eating a pint of it every night the healthiest choice? Probably not.

Companies have capitalized on our busy schedules and are eager to offer the MOST CONVENIENT snacks/lunch/dinner/shakes/bars PERFECT for our hectic days.

We've welcomed them with open arms into our kitchen- and cars- grateful to have a "personal chef."

We trusted that they had our health in mind. When really they have their bottom line in mind: cheap ingredients + synthetic substitutes = higher profits.

But now what? We've trusted their claims- no-fat is best! go carb-free! eat more protein! GMO's will end world hunger!- for so long that we now don't even know what's nutrition fact or crap.

Over the past couple years I've made clearing the confusion my focus. I'm less concerned that an egg has 70 calories, and more concerned that "conveniently packaged, healthy" egg whites often contain added preservatives. Not to mention that the yolk contains the egg's vitamins and minerals.

So, what's the best diet?


Reclaiming our kitchens.
Understanding the difference between nutritional fact and nutrition crap.
And the best part- when you have the doesn't interrupt your hectic schedule.

You don't have to spend hours of free time prepping meals (though if you love that, you're welcome to make a freezer dish for me!).

You don't have to spend your whole paycheck on organic food.

But you can make small changes that can have significant impact your energy, your focus, your health- your overall well-being.

Sure, there are plenty of diets that will let us drop 15 pounds in two weeks, but if we're spending those two weeks hangry and saying "I shouldn't/can't eat that"...are we really improving our health?

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