Hey busy moms, they're targeting you

Because we, as moms, need one more thing to worry about. Because we, as busy moms, need one more thing on our plate. The good news is that companies recognize that life is hectic for parents. The bad news, they're preying on a need for convenience and forgetting about our health.

hey-busy-momsAnd the health of our kids.


By hoping we'll buy into solutions for problems that we don't have.

Today, it's browning apples.

In the course of your day, how big of a problem is sliced apples browning?

Apparently Okanagan Specialty Fruits think this is the problem that keeps parents up at night. Life would be so much better if the damn apples just wouldn't turn brown. Right?

Without getting too scientific, when apples turn brown we know one of two things:

  1. oxygen is reacting with enzymes within the apple tissue and this oxidation turns the compounds brown
  2. my kid is taking too long to eat their snack.

Some apples (other fruits too, but we're not going to multi-task for the moment & we'll stick to apples) naturally brown faster or slower depending the on the variety's amount of polyphenol oxidase enzymes. Generally, sweeter (and in my opinion more delicious) varieties: Honeycrisp, Gala, and Cortland brown slower.

Of course you can always brush sliced apples with a little lemon or orange juice- or better yet mix up a fruit salad- to delay browning.

But...the good folks at Okanagan have come up with another solution. They've genetically modified apples so that they...(you guessed it!) don't turn brown.

Whew. Good thing that research money wasn't spent on something else like brain health or gun safety.

Remember, genetic modifications are NOT the same as hybrids. We aren't talking about crossing an apple and a pear...we're talking about combinations that cross plant kingdoms.

I know, this is already more time and thought than you've probably ever put into browning apples.

arcticBut, these Arctic Apples will hit the Midwest grocery stores this month. (hey produce managers- I'd love to have a quick conversation).

So, what's the big deal? Okanagan recognizes that some consumers may have concerns about feeding themselves and their families genetically modified produce...so, they aren't going to label them GMO.

Instead, they're "making a bet that the convenience of non-browning apples will make up for the consumer concerns."

You're betting on my kid's health.

Here's a fun fact...

By 2016, 1 in 3 US children has been diagnosed with ADD, Allergies, Asthma, or Autism.

Neal Carter, president of Okanagan Specialty Fruits, thinks their "long-lasting, fresh-cut fruits will especially appeal to parents with busy lifestyles, and will fetch a premium in pricing."

Hey Neal, know what appeals to me as a parent with a busy lifestyle? A healthy family.

One of my biggest complaints about genetically modified foods- particularly in the United States- is the refusal to label it on the packaging.

If you, as a company, believe that genetically modified ingredients are safe and you're using them in your products, have the balls to stand up and say Hell yeah we use GMO's. Got a problem with that?

At which point I, as a consumer, can say Yes, yes I do. And make another choice. Or, as a consumer, I may say Nope, no problem for me.

But at least the consumer knows that there's a choice to make. Isn't that the premise behind truth in advertising anyway?

Still unsure about GMO's or if they're safe for your family? Learn more here.

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