How you can keep your produce fresh longer (hint: some need their privacy)

No one wants to waste food. Yet, nearly 40% of our food is thrown away...sickening, right? I know, we buy fresh peaches and berries with visions of starting our day with a healthy breakfast. We swear that THIS TIME we'll use the spinach and figure out what the hell to do with that jackfruit.

And then, in what seems like minutes, the produce has gone bad before we've made any of those pinned recipes.

Granted, we do want our food to spoil...if you've had potatoes for weeks and they aren't growing "eyes" or your two week old strawberries aren't turning to mush...want to guess what kinds of pesticides are preserving them?

save-trees-1Sometimes, though, the problem is how they're stored.

Kind of like that one uncle, some produce has gas. In this case, ethylene. Which means some fruits and veggies don't play nicely with others, and invading their space will cause them (or their bowl-mates) to spoil faster.

Whether you keep produce on the counter or in the fridge, give these 5 some personal space- preferably their own bowl or on a shelf in the fridge away from others in the crisper.

applesApples- all colors, all varieties...potatoes are their only friend
Peaches- though if you want to ripen green bananas faster, let them hang out together for a bit
Bananas- you know how they go from green to perfect to yuck practically overnight? They're doing that to the produce near it too.
Onions- they may taste great with potatoes, but wait to introduce them to each other until cooking
Garlic- you probably give this guy a little room anyway, but garlic can hang out with the onions if you think it's lonely

Another tip to keep produce fresher longer? Wait to wash until you're going to eat it or use it.

Now that your produce isn't spoiling as quickly, check out 23 more ways to reduce food waste.

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