Endless free things to do...if you have this card

Wouldn't it be great if there were a place your kids could record school presentations with state of the art equipment...for free? Theatre classes can be seriously expensive...free classes for those would be good too. How about craft workshops?

While we're at it...

17-free-ideasI'd like to take some cooking classes...
learn a foreign language...
take an extra yoga class...

and if I didn't have to pay much that be okay with me.

Sounds like a fairy tale, right?

Only you'd find this in the non-fiction category. See, this ALL exists...or it can...if we support our local libraries.

I don't usually get political here, but I am increasingly frustrated that our community hasn't seen the value in supporting the library referendum. Essentially it always comes down to money- who wants to vote for a tax hike-right?

But...let's change the focus for a moment.

In our community, voting in favor of the library will cost between $7-$20/month based on your home's value. Just for conversation, let's assume $20.

So, for $20 you can get...
pizza-2*a pizza
*3-4 drinks at Starbucks
*2 tickets to a movie (no popcorn though)
*a single-class of yoga


for $20 at the library you can get...
*unlimited books/ebooks/magazine/movies/cds
*foreign language programs
*craft classes
*yoga and exercise classes
*discounted/free admission to area museums/zoos
*access to 3D printers
fountaindale-studio*recording studio
*computer access
*tutoring/ESL assistance
*resume help
*cooking demonstrations
*healthy living classes
*buisness/finance classes
*assistance from SCORE
*theatre classes
*genealogy research assistance
*computer classes
*photography classes
*knitting/crochet workshops

Here's a few more ideas.

I am fortunate that libraries throughout the Chicagoland area invite me to speak on various healthy living topics. I am always amazed when I'm speaking at the Fountaindale Library the number of people- kids, teens, adults- who are there attending classes, using the video recording studios, coming in with their yoga mats, or having a study group near the coffee shop.

And, I'm astonished that my community hasn't recognized this value...yet.

April 4th is your chance, your opportunity, to acknowledge that even if you never pick up a book or watch a movie or have a desire to take any class of interest...that your community- your home- will be better off knowing it's available.

A library card is an endless opportunity. We may not be able to travel the world, but within in the library's walls we can have access connecting us to it all...and each other.

Click here if you'd like to learn more about the proposed referendum. #getoutandvote

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