I never wanted to be your weekend lover: Goodbye to Prince

Four months in and 2016 has said goodbye to too many celebrities. Strangers we've never met, but who've touched our lives through film, television, and movies.  Aside from the world losing their talent, our lives lose a piece of our soul that somehow intertwined with their gifts.

They often said Prince was musically ahead of his time, but his timing was spot on for my life.

princeIn 1984 I didn't understand the lyrics to half of Purple Rain, I was 12. But I was entranced by dramatics of  the lyrics, the music, and the longing it represented. My father had just died- I understood desperation.

Summers at gymnastics camp, the older kids explained the 'true meaning' behind Little Red Corvette and Darling Nikki while us pre-teens were wide-eyed yet still- most certainly- ridiculously naive.

In the early '90's when dance was my life, I saw the Joffrey Ballet Billboards- ballet set entirely to Prince music. Once again, entranced by Purple Rain, it changed the way I viewed ballet, my own choreography, and became my personal escape.

billboards 2Some people eat ice cream. Some watch chick flicks.

My equivalent of a good cry is improvising to Purple Rain.

Though I hung up my pointe shoes decades ago, and haven't stepped into a studio in years, turn on Purple Rain and my living room transpires into a cocoon of expression.

For eight minutes and forty-one seconds, I'll dance like no one is watching. And in those eight minutes, Prince carried me through sorrow, desperation, longing, and ultimately a renewed energy and strength.

A guitar, a voice, and usually some kick ass boots, and he could transform the musical world...and capture a piece of our soul.

His music narrated my life through grief, celebrations, break ups and discovery.

He was definitely one of The Beautiful Ones.

Billboards photo credit

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