Why you should resolve to "Nourish" in 2016

Pantone has a color of the year (Rose Quartz & Serenity for 2016, in case you're wondering). Oxford Dictionary has a word of the year (oddly- the "tears of joy" emoji for 2015). So I figure there's nothing wrong with me creating a theme of the year. I'm declaring 2016 the year to Nourish.

Resolutions abound to lose weight, eat healthier, or finish that elusive novel.

Then, January 2nd comes and leftover snacks need to be eaten, it's too cold to go to the gym, and A Lot Like Love is on TBS so you'll write "tomorrow." Another year of resolutions out the window, right?

nourishThe intention to Nourish is different.

There's a mindfulness behind feeding your body, mind, and soul with purpose.

Meals become less about eliminating ingredients & food groups, and more about enhancing our plates with color, flavor, and fresh ingredients.

Finding even 15 minutes during the day to get lost in an 'I never have time for..." activity will recharge your soul more than an hour in front of the tv.

Studies show that a walk outdoors not only decreases stress and increases energy, it also helps reduce depression.

Drop the toxic 'I was bad and ate a cupcake...or skipped the gym..." mindset. Sharing a delectable (real ingredients!) dessert with friends and family isn't cause for self-depreciation. The feeling of guilt we apply may actually do more harm than the treat itself.

More than fitting back into pre-pregnancy/pre-wedding/pre-pubescent pants- Nourish reminds us to care for ourselves more than "diet" ever could.

We all have 168 hours in a week. Consciously deciding what we eat and how we spend our time during those hours is an important element of self-care.

By choosing to Nourish our body, minds, and spirit a little bit each day, we contribute to our well-being and take another step toward achieving our goals.

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