Essential Oils for Teens

Between school, work, sports, activities, growing bodies, and ever-present hormone fluctuations, teens are under their share of stress. Unfortunately, they're rarely given effective tools to manage these challenges. A sufficient amount of sleep is almost laughable, especially with after-school activities, homework, and a morning bus arriving before 6:30. Fortunately, the same essential oils that help you cope with your daily challenges can be equally effective for your teens. for tests and finals is rarely productive; reviewing material for a shorter duration throughout the semester produces better results. Several studies, however, have also shown that organic peppermint and rosemary essential oils can improve memory and increase mental focus.

Instead of toxic synthetic fragrance candles & "plug-in" scents, diffusing these oils in the classroom or study area could benefit student attentiveness.

Peppermint and rosemary also have antibacterial properties. Use these essential oils in an AromaMist as a hand sanitizer or spray onto sports equipment.

Students who are burning the candle at both ends often reach for caffeine and dangerous "energy drinks" for a quick boost. Citrus organic essential oils like orange, grapefruit, and litsea naturally increase energy and ease exhaustion.

Incorporate patchouli to help ease teenage anxiety.

Although it's often understood in adults, emotional stress can manifest physically in teens as well.  Recurring sore throat? Jaw clenching? Mood swings?

5th chakraSupporting their 5th- or throat- chakra can improve communication and expression.

Frequent headaches or sinus infections? Anxiety and/or disorganization?

Supporting their 6th- or third eye- chakra can ease anxiety and increase concentration.

Eating disorders, hormone imbalances, and menstrual cramps all fall into the 2nd- or sacral chakra. Organic essential oil blends that support this chakra ease irritability and lower back pain.

relax oilWhile a sufficient amount of sleep may be difficult during the school year, improving the quality of sleep is possible. Organic lavender and chamomile essential oils reduce anxiety and calm the body for quality rest. Spray onto a pillow, diffuse into the bedroom, use in the bath, or apply through a nutrient-rich organic seed oil blend to help promote quality sleep.

Aromatherapy massage is anther beneficial option for teens. Not only will they benefit from the essential oils, massage therapy plays a vital role in well-being by increasing immunity, decreasing stress, improving circulation, alleviating growth-pains, and promoting quality sleep.

As adults, and parents, it isn't our job to eliminate stressors from teenagers' lives, but to teach them how to safely, naturally, and effectively handle them. Pure, organic essential oils are a viable tool for their well-being and preparing them for a healthier lifestyle.

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