Shop Small Day 216: Pangaea Outpost

It's one thing to get great customer service shopping in a local small business, the experience is multiplied tenfold when doing it over the phone and out of state. A few months ago I had an incredible experience with Trader Joes when they helped out a childhood friend. This time, I owe a world of thanks to Pangaea Outpost.

My niece and in-laws were on a Make a Wish trip in San Diego. Even though the incredible Make a Wish foundation covers basically everything for them, I wanted to have a little something for their room.

However, since I'm in the Chicago area, finding a store near their hotel wasn't an easy task. With the help of my neighbor who used to live there, I found Pangaea Outpost.

Tracy at Pangaea Outpost was more than willing to help me out, but they weren't able to deliver the gift for me.

So, the incredible staff at my in-law's hotel- Catamaran Resort- jumped in and arranged to pick up the gift and have it in their room by check-in.

Needless to say, I was floored by everyone's generosity.

The only downside, Pangaea Outpost doesn't have an online shop, so I'm going to have to head to Cali to visit their incredible store.

Since many Shop Small readers are from California, check them out! Or, if you're lucky enough to be heading to San Diego, you definitely don't want to miss this amazing small business.

imageThough it might not be right to call them small...the store is over 12,000 sq. feet!

Since 2004 they've sold unique gifts, jewelry, clothing, artwork, and everything in between.

What's especially cool, is that it's really about 70 different merchants within the Pangaea walls. Since merchants continually change, each visit is a different experience.

Looks like I need a trip to San Diego! Or, better yet Tracy, start an online shop & then I can shop with the money saved on a flight. Then again, a stay at the Catamaran looks pretty awesome too!

Thank you to Pangaea Outpost and Catamaran Resort for helping me create a small memory for their incredible Make a Wish trip.

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Pangaea Outpost
909 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA

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