Shop Small Day 197: The Baseball Card King

Today's spot is one shop I probably wouldn't have visited without this challange. But, I was looking for hockey trading cards and I remembered passing them the other day. Now I'm kicking myself for not finding them last March. I will definitely be keeping an eye on The Baseball Card King.

imageObviously they have quite the collection of baseball cards: both new in packages and vintage cards. You'll find a huge selection of autographed cards, baseballs, and photos of all your favorite ball players.

imageBut wait! There's more! The Baseball Card King isn't only about baseball. You'll find cards and memorabilia for golf, basketball, and hockey too.

Although Jeff isn't the owner of the shop, he was incredibly helpful. He found the cards I was looking for, and was incredibly patient as I had serious brain fog moments (didn't finish my cup of coffee this morning!).

He didn't try to sell me things I didn't need, which I really appreciated since I was pretty clueless in there!

imageThis, though, is why I hate that I just found them...a visit from Andrew Shaw!

No, I'm not a Johnny Come Lately! He's been a favorite since his first Hawks game in January 2012.

So, I'm keeping an eye out for any return visits! Of course, the line will probably be much longer now.

imageI think my son has a new incentive for welcoming additional chores. He spent his hard earned money on a couple of great pictures too.

If you're looking for great sport memorabilia for a gift, yourself, or decorating, The Baseball Card King has four locations for you.

Want to sell cards? They'll gladly check out your pre-1980 cards.

Want to trade? They have events for that too- but that's beyond my limited sports card knowledge, so check their website for more info.

Just save a spot in line for me at the next Hawks autograph signing!

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The Baseball Card King
16030 S. Lincoln Hwy.
Plainfield, IL

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