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Shop Small Day 207: Macarena Tapas

If you live in the western suburbs, chances are you’ve heard of Mason Sabika. It is a great tapas restaurant with an additional banquet facility;  and, their wait times can get awfully long. But, what you may not know is there’s another delicious tapas restaurant about 3 miles down the road: Macarena Tapas. Don’t let... Read more »

Shop Small Day 206: Closings and Anniversaries

Without a doubt it’s more convenient to shop the huge chains. They’re everywhere. But they generally aren’t the stores that know how you drink your coffee, which cookies are your kids favorites, or will bend the “rules” on return policies because you had to take care of a sick relative. Usually they’re the businesses that... Read more »

Shop Small Day 205: Fine's

A new sport season means new towns to visit. Although I would have preferred sleeping rather than driving to Libertyville by 8am, it was an opportunity to find new spots. Avoid the tendency to seek the “familiar” when you’re in an unfamiliar town. There are great small businesses everywhere. And when you’re in Libertyville, you... Read more »

Shop Small Day 204: Hawthorne's Backyard

Some nights it’s a royal pain to please everyone. No one feels like cooking, and everyone wants something different. Add in the element of wanting live music or a game of horseshoes- now where are you going to go? Hawthorne’s Backyard Bar & Grill. You’ll feel like you’re truly heading to someone’s backyard as you... Read more »

Shop Small Day 203: Versed Salon

With as happy as it makes me feel, you’d think I would get my hair cut more often. But, 2-3 times a year is usually all I make it. Since I was long past due, and a new place just opened in town, I figured I’d check out Versed Salon. It must have been fate,... Read more »

Shop Small Day 202: Doors By Russ

Today’s small business is a little different. You will probably never visit them, but you need to hold onto their phone number. When the day comes that your garage door breaks, trapping your car inside, you’ll need Doors By Russ. Although they came to my rescue last year, it seems like many people have been... Read more »

Shop Small Day 201: Veggie Fest

Since it’s almost Wednesday, I figure it’s ok to start planning for the weekend. My daughter & I discovered this (small) fest a few years ago and we had a great time. I’m hoping we can make it for the second day this year, but figured with enough notice you’d be able to make it... Read more »

Shop Small Day 200: Canal Port

We’re jumping back to the Starved Rock area for today. After all of that hiking, you may be hungrier for more than just a cupcake…you need a meal. While there are a few places for a quick hamburger or hot dog, if you want something more substantial, head to Canal Port. A local favorite since... Read more »

Shop Small Day 199: Back to School Shopping

In less than two weeks my kids will be back in school.  This summer has gone by crazy fast. It’s also that time for back to school shopping, which often means Target, Office Max, and chains galore, right?  So, where would you go if you’re avoiding the chains?  Favor the Earth, Stubby Pencil Studio, and... Read more »

Shop Small Day 198: Two Girls and a Cupcake

After a long day of hiking, you’ll definitely work up an appetite. And, you’ve burned plenty of calories climbing countless stairs so there’s no reason not to indulge in a sweet treat. Obviously someone was thinking when they decided to open Two Girls and a Cupcake less than a mile from Starved Rock State Park.... Read more »