Day 91: 3 new favorites

I'm really surprised how fast these first three months have gone. I haven't missed Starbucks or Dunkin' donuts coffee, though I am still searching for a indie coffee shop. I don't miss Target, except occasionally for the convenience of it. I admit the ads in the Sunday paper aren't quite as enjoyable right now, and I'm in slight Trader Joe's withdrawal- once in three months was unheard of for me. But, I'm truly enjoying this Shop Small challenge and the new businesses I'm finding. Some of the stores I've featured weren't necessarily new to me, some are old favorites that I'm realizing I didn't frequent enough. I have definitely found some new favorites, though.

Of the new (to me) small shops I've found, three standout as favorites that I've already visited several times this quarter, and always look forward to going back again!

So, if you haven't tried these small businesses yet, go try them!

Freedom's Market. Don't be intimidated by unfamiliar Middle Eastern foods- Sam will answer all of your questions. Their delicious chicken shawarma is a great place to start, don't forget the addictive garlic sauce. If you haven't tried falafel (or you're already a fan), be sure to pick some up...oh yeah, their rice is delicious too!

Lola's. I can't even explain how much I love Lola's. I may even equate my feelings for Lola's close to my feelings for Anthropologie (sniff- ok, I do miss Anthropologie). It's the perfect blend of vintage and new. I love the endless random framed pictures, the fact that EVERYTHING is for sale, the vintage furniture...I think I want to move in. Check out their website for information on their biweekly auctions!

Pie Boss This was probably one of my biggest surprises. I honestly didn't expect to like their food: I don't particularly like crust and I didn't care for pasty's. Obviously I had never tried the South African recipe! Simply delicious- the flakey crust is buttery bliss, more like a puff pastry. Need something sweet after your meal, don't miss their mini-custard pies. All pies (except the custard) are available frozen, so stock your freezer for those no-cook nights!


Two other new favorites I've only visited once but can't wait to return- Bookhunters, Pro Jersey, and Blissful Spa.



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