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Day 80: Books, books, books!

I am a book junkie. For several years I’ve come close to achieving my goal of reading 50 books in one year. This may be my year! While I borrow get the majority of my books from the library, I do buy a few throughout the year. New hardcovers are a little pricey for the... Read more »

Day 79: Struggling a bit today

Apparently I need to go back to Twist Yoga Lounge and get my zen on, my frustration with technology is rampant tonight! And, I’m having a difficult Shop Small challenge day. I’m very happy I found a great birthday present for my nephew (and some Easter basket goodies for my kids!) at Main Street Candy... Read more »

Day 78: Twist Yoga Lounge

Tucked inside a non-descript strip mall you’ll find a French bakery, a pizza place, a bar, and a hidden oasis. The recently opened Twist Yoga Lounge transforms your mind, and body, out of suburbia into your own personal zen. If you’ve never thought of yoga as a workout, then you’ve never been to Twist Yoga... Read more »

Day 77: Find your Moxie!

If you don’t want to drive to DeKalb just for yesterday’s small business, Ollie’s (though it’s well worth the drive!), you can spend some time shopping too. In fact, they have one of my favorite stores for picking up fun gifts, vintage tchotchkes, and cool accessories. Pretty much anything you could need (and tons of... Read more »

Day 76: O-mazing Ollie's!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of cupcakes. And, though I do like frozen yogurt, they seem to be popping up everywhere, again. Now, ice cream and custard, that’s a dessert that I gladly welcome. One of my absolute favorites is only open late February through October. How does Amaretto Chocolate Chunk,... Read more »

Day 75: Preno's to the rescue!

Here’s the true test of shopping small, a hungry kid. Granted, I have been known to get a little crabby when I’m hungry too…probably worse than the kids. So, that was our challenge today. I had no problem passing the endless rows of chain restaurants, but it was sad seeing just as many closed up... Read more »

Day 74: Who wants to meet at Ebbey George's?

Picture this. It’s the weekend and you want to do a little shopping, but it’s the weekend and your husband/boyfriend wants to watch the big game. So, how do you keep the peace, spend time together, and still both get to do what you want? Head to Ebbey George’s! Wait! What? A bar? Where’s the... Read more »

Day 73: A real bakery!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon shopping in Morris with my mom.  If you’ve been following my challenge, you already know that Morris is one of my favorite small towns and has four of my favorite small businesses: Lola’s, Gigi’s, Vintage, and Blackbird’s Barkery. Once again, they didn’t disappoint. I found a clock, a cabinet, a... Read more »

Day 72: Ready for some interior design?

This is what I planned on writing about last night, before I was distracted by “dynamite shrimp“!  I love when readers request help finding needed items or services. That’s how I found Spencer’s Jolly Posh Foods and Spice & Rice. This time, I was on the hunt for a reupholsterer (is that the right word?).... Read more »

Day 71: Cafe Tu Tu Tango!

Ok, this is not the post I intended to write tonight. But then my friend sent me a picture from dinner and I got really hungry! You’ve already heard about my favorite tapas restaurant in the city: Twist in Chicago. When in Orlando, though, it’s all about Cafe Tu Tu Tango! Not only do they... Read more »