Day 67: Who wants a sandwich?

I love sandwiches.  A grilled cheese may be the perfect breakfast.  Want to make an ordinary grilled cheese more decadent?  Add peanut butter. Seriously, try it, they melt together and it's scary good. Shopping Small, though, it's difficult when you're running errands, hungry, and need food now!  Weekends are busy, but it doesn't mean you have to succumb to chain restaurants or fast food junk.

So, here are two great spots to grab a sandwich.

Jack Straw's: A classic spot for 25 years. While most know Jack Straw's for their pizza & hot dogs, don't overlook their sandwiches. You could go with one of the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Mafia choices: The Soprano, The Gotti, The Fat Tony, or the Capone. But, my favorite is ham & cheese pita. A perfectly grilled pita, slightly salty ham, and plenty of melted cheese- yes, please! Don't plan on hanging around, though. Aside from a few picnic tables, it's strictly to-go only.

Kozmos Eatery:  Hot, cold, or "famous baked" sandwiches abound.  This menu is loaded with mouth-watering combinations, or you can create your own.  Preview the menu first, or give yourself plenty of time to read through it- there's at least 25 different sandwiches- not including create your owns! Though I debated between several, I went with the steak fajita wrap. Seasoned with just enough kick, grilled peppers & onions, and melted cheese (catching a theme with the whole melted cheese, thing? me too!), all on an herb wrap. Just messy enough and delicious. Want something different? They also have breakfast, soups, salad, and chili. Kozmos Eatery is relatively new- so give them some attention! Their motto: it's not fast food, it's good food fast!image

Where's your go-to spot for a quick sandwich?

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