Day 65: Why I have fond memories for a skate shop

Today's small shop is little blast from the past. It's a shop I haven't been to in close to 5 years, but driving by it today brought back some sweet memories. Yes, I'm seriously feeling nostaligic for a skateboarding shop.
Though my kids are 14 months apart, there's a year separating them in school. So, when my daughter was in first grade & in school full time, my son had lots of free hours after preschool before she came home. I don't really remember how he even started skateboarding, maybe just a park district class. Anyway, by the time he was four he was doing twelve foot drop-ins and enough other tricks to practically give me a heart attack.

The park district class is what led us to Jeric's Skatesboard Shop; the owner & employees were the class instructors. Which was great for two reasons- it brought people to their small business, and they were genuinely enthusiastic about introducing young kids to the sport and ensuring that they're safe.

Eventually skateboarding was given up for baseball, hockey, and soccer. But I truly believe he had such a great time & stayed safe because of the staff at Jeric's.

Even if your kids don't skate, most kids like hoodies and skate shoes- check out the selection (and great deals) at Jeric's. Though some of the employees are young, they know their stuff and are eager to share their knowledge and opinions.

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