Day 61: A blackberry burrito boss twist

This weekend has been a productive assortment of weekend projects, which is great for my to-do list, not so great for shopping.  I do know that all of this work has made me insatiably  hungry.  It's that kind of hungry, though, where I can't even decide what I want to eat.  Actually, there's something from four different places I would love right now: Blackberry Market, Pie Boss, Burrito Parrilla, and Twist.

Yes, I realize that together it would make an interesting (to say the least) meal, but a hungry girl isn't always rational.

In no special order, these would make me happy, happy, happy right now.

A Blackberry Market blueberry muffin. Slightly crunchy, sugary top over a fluffy, sweet blueberry bottom. Two please!

Mmmm...shrimp fajitas from Burrito Parrilla! Ok, I know that's not what's in the photo, but that's not keeping me from tasting the homemade tortillas, succulent shrimp, seasoned peppers and onions. Delicious!

It takes a very special recipe to make me like crust; I'm been known to eat the inside of a pie & leave the crust behind. I had my first taste of South African cuisine at Pie Boss a couple weeks ago & can't get it out of my mind. My friend from South Africa has since tried Pie Boss too & said it tastes just like home- kudos to you!image

Truth be told, I ended a long stint as a vegan because of bacon. Not proud, but damn is it delicious. Thankfully, I can always count on Twist in Chicago's bacon wrapped dates to satisfy any bacon craving. Salty, sweet, crisp outside, yet chewy middle- all covered in a delightful roasted red pepper sauce.

Ok, I'm even hungrier now! What are you craving?


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