5 books to read this summer

Summer is my favorite time of the year- not only because of the fabulous hot weather and fresh produce- but because everyone is looking for book recommendations. I love seeing which books friends suggest for “best vacation reads” and finding new ones to add to my ever growing must-read list. I’m well aware that some... Read more »

The lesson not taught in parenting books...letting go

There are countless guides and parenting books for newborns and toddlers. Add in the endless opinions from other parents- and the kid-free experts- and there’s no shortage of suggestions for sleep schedules, best strollers, traveling with toddlers, even adjusting to the first school years. What these books don’t cover, though, is navigating the second phase... Read more »

7 favorite new snacks found at the 2017 Sweets & Snacks Expo

Kids get Halloween…adults get the Sweets and Snacks Expo. All of the endless treats without the scary costumes. And though I hate Halloween (because scary costumes), this expo is always one of my favorite days of the year. 4 acres…over 750 vendors all with samples of their latest, well, sweets and snacks. Not a secret,... Read more »

I tried Blue Apron for 3 reasons...here are the results

If you have a Facebook account- or an email- you’re probably familiar with various subscription meal boxes like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. I was always intrigued about the service, but I hadn’t considered trying it since I’m fairly neurotic about ingredients. Somewhere (Facebook, Instagram…) I read that Blue Apron improved their sustainability commitments, so... Read more »

Trump pulls out of Paris Climate Deal: here's what you can do

It seems obvious to me. When you don’t clean up your crap, the place is a mess and shit gets broken. Why would the planet be any different than our homes? Throw enough garbage into our landfills…toss enough plastic into our oceans…burn enough carbon fuels and the environment starts to look like a group of... Read more »

How 50 cents can buy you 10 minutes of solitude

Long before the kids are teenagers happily alone in their rooms, we have several inseparable years. Endless stretches of time where we wish we could pee in peace…finish a hot cup of coffee…take a long shower…have uninterrupted sex. Maybe an uninterrupted phone conversation sounds better than the sex. Whatever you need to quickly refuel your... Read more »

I accidentally saved $720 year- Here's how I did it

Saving a few bucks is great, but most times it isn’t worth the hassle. I have a stack of stamps, but I’ll never send back a mail-in rebate. Clipping coupons is fine, but there aren’t many coupons for the foods we buy. Shop around to compare insurance or cable prices? I’d rather wax my ass.... Read more »

F*%k off, I'm trying to be Zen

Everyone has a tell. Some cry. Some eat. I lose my shit over the little stuff. Dirty spoon left in my clean sink? Laptop screen freezing? Slow drivers with seemingly no place to go? Any of them can trigger a wrath of profanity that would make a sailor blush. I know it’s irrational. And I... Read more »

Healthy eating too expensive? Save money grocery shopping at these 5 stores

Grass-fed beef. Sustainable seafood. Organic produce. Sounds good, but it’s all too expensive, right? Depending where you shop, you might be right. But eating healthy doesn’t have to cost your whole paycheck. I get it. With two hungry, growing teenagers, food is one of our highest monthly expenses. Since over 90% of our groceries are... Read more »

The vital missing piece of the vaccinate vs. unvaccinated study

This week, a pilot┬ástudy was released that compares the rate of autism in vaccinated and unvaccinated children. It is the first study of its kind, and, at some point, it will probably be renamed “I told you so.” As many suspected, the rate of autism is higher…much higher…in vaccinated kids. The study shows that vaccinated... Read more »