Organic food will make you thin: and other nutrition myths

Do you remember years ago when Snackwell’s “fat-free” cookies first hit the market and everyone was like “OH MY GOD! Fat-Free cookies!” So they ate them by the boxful and were SHOCKED when they…gained weight! Thankfully, we’ve become a little more knowledgeable over the years and better understand that labels that read “fat-free” or “sugar-free”... Read more »

Shop Small Day 304: La Flor de Morelos

When you live in a small-ish town, word spreads quickly when a new restaurant opens. Unlike most new spots, though, this restaurant’s location is receiving as much attention as its food. It’s not every day that an authentic Mexican mom & pop taqueria opens up…inside the gas station. You read that correctly. La Flor de... Read more »

25 healthy snacks for life on the go

Everyone has their must-pack essentials. Some people leave the house with electronic chargers; some people prep for any weather with umbrellas and an extra jacket. I pack snacks. My purse…my car…work bags…daily errand bag…sweatshirt pockets…snacks are stashed everywhere. I’ve always felt better eating smaller meals and snacks throughout the day than three big meals. More... Read more »

2017 Food Trends: how many of these ingredients have you tried

It’s easy to fall into a recipe rut. Most nights we’re happy to get dinner on the table at a reasonable time…forget testing new recipes or ingredients. The shifs toward healthier lifestyles is only growing stronger this year (hell, even Pantone chose “greenery” as the 2017 color of the year!) as we continue to empower... Read more »

Best books I read in 2016

Admittedly my happy place is anywhere surrounded with books. While my friends can spend hours in a mall, I can get lost for a week in the smallest bookstore. Our local librarians know my name. Although it looks like I again won’t make my goal of reading 50 books this year, I did read several... Read more »

Food Allergy vs. Food Sensitivity: What's the difference?

Once upon a time we used to bring snacks to school, feed our friends, and host gatherings without much thought to food allergies. Yeah, those days are gone. Approximately 15 million Americans have food allergies. Let me to say that again… approximately 15 million Americans have food allergies and the number continues to grow. That... Read more »

9 Unique Stocking Stuffers...that won't cost more than the gift

I love this time of year when lists of the greatest stocking stuffers include “fillers” that cost more than the actual gift…$98 gloves? Seriously? Granted, I also don’t want to waste money on disposable junk…hence part of the reason I started Favor the Earth in the first place…a place to find affordable, SUSTAINABLE, gifts and... Read more »

This is what bothers me about Small Business Saturday

It’s that time of year again when American Express reminds us to SHOP SMALL! They encourage us to SUPPORT LOCAL! And for our support we can proudly display our Shop Small bags…a pat on the back that we did our part to help independent businesses. We made a difference on this “very special” one day... Read more »

7 favorite Trader Joe's products for quick holiday recipes

Trader Joe's Cranberry Chevre: add some crackers and you have a simple cheese tray. Or, kick up the flavors on your turkey sandwich. Also great baked over chicken.
The holidays are no doubt a hectic time. With all of the extras on our to-do list, meal planning is often over-looked until it’s dinnertime: the family is getting hangry, and we have no plan. It doesn’t help that November & December magazines are full of holiday meals, but little options for the other 50-some... Read more »

Why I'm not telling you about artificial food coloring alternatives...yet

In my last post about artificial colors (Would you put whiskey in your kid’s cereal? Then don’t let them ingest artificial colors), there were some comments posted regarding the dangers of natural color alternatives. And they’re absolutely correct. Many companies are quite aware that consumers are avoiding certain ingredients, so they substitute others which may... Read more »