I kind of love my job running a cafeteria.  Its like having my own restaurant...without the overhead.

Apparently the sign that hangs on my door reads "manager"...but clearly the sign stenciled on my forehead reads "sucker"...hey, there is one born every minute ~ right?

Yep, I love my job, but some days it doesn't love me.

Headaches come with the career move.  99% of the day is easy...but then some idiot shows up and the headache becomes a migrane.

Truth be told, the place is an absolute freakshow.  Lucky for you, the reader, each day provides pure entertainment.

These are my stories.

Think your place of employment is crazier than mine?  Let me share your story!  Don't worry~ I won't use your real name...here at the cafe we keep things confidential.


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