Sip of Hope in Logan Square is more than just a coffee house

sipofhopeSip of Hope, at 3039 W Fullerton Ave in Chicago, is the latest coffee house to join the ever growing indie coffee house family within the city limits .  Opening earlier this month, I knew I had to check the place out since I love all things coffee and also love Logan Square.  Seeing the coffee being served was Dark Matters Coffee, my motivation to bike the 4+ miles from the Northern most tip of Uptown to Logan Square jumped leaps and bounds.   As I biked there, I hoped that the journey there would be worth it since once can never know if a coffee house is good or not.  No two indie coffee houses are alike after all.

As I've written in the past, not only does the coffee have to be good, but it also has to set itself apart from the legions of other coffee houses within walking and biking distance.  According to their website, they are the first coffee house where 100 % of proceeds support suicide prevention and mental health education.  According to Eater Chicago, not only do they serve coffee and yummy pastries, they also serve as a bridge between people needing mental health services and the services themselves.  It's also being marketed as a safe space for those seeking guidance, or even just a place to relax from the rigors of real life.  The staff are also well trained in Mental Health First Aid, as well.

sipofhope2When entering the coffee shop, you are instantly greeted by a relaxing color scheme, as well as artistic and eye catching wording on the walls.  The staff are warm, inviting, and relaxed, which immediately puts me at ease.  The music selection is very soothing and conducive for working on computers, or reading a book.

What I loved most about the location are the seating options.  You can sit up on bar stools by the staff, at tables facing the staff so refills are just steps away, or you can sit on the stools by the window where you're facing the Logan Square branch of the Chicago Public Library (that's a plus for me anyway, not sure if it would be for others LOL).

Everything you want is at your finger tips, and it's a great place to go to relax, work, read, hang with friends, to talk to staff, or if you need a little vacation from the outside world.  People make fun of safe spaces, but I think they serve a good use if the person is using it properly.  It's also a place where you won't be looked at strangely if you need to recharge your batteries because admitting you need to do so can be harder then you think.

As the motto of the place says, It's ok not to be ok.  In this day and age, Mental Health is still an unspoken thing that many people are afraid to mention or talk about.  With a wonderful selection of treats and drinks, you can do your part to help with spreading the word about services.. as well as purchasing a Sip of Hope selection from Dark Matters to help out the push to educate about mental health.

Overall, I love the place and would recommend anyone living outside of Logan Square to come check them out (and think of the calories burned just from biking there :)

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