The Grindr Monologues: Date With A Christmas Eve Angel

grindr1After my three previous entries in my Grindr Monologue series, I realized I needed to write a more positive entry to counter-act the belief that Grindr is just a place for train wrecks and the shallow to gather.  Like everything else in life, Grindr isn't just a hook up site and this entry is one of many stories that say otherwise.

Today's installment takes us to this past Christmas Eve 2017 where this particular date came out of nowhere and ended up being a wonderful time.  It was lightly snowing on Christmas Eve in the grand old city of Chicago, a light enough snow where you could venture outside for a walk and let the snowflakes lightly touch the ground and your tongue.  I happened to be watching a Christmas movie on tv when my Grindr (I leave it up for browsing purposes nowadays) indicated I had a message.

Checking the message, it was from an attractive thirty something that resided a few blocks south of me so after a twenty minute conversation, we agree to meet for a drink at the bar near his place.  After walking a few blocks and letting the snow tinged tears from above fall upon me, I meet this stranger and find my breath taken away for a brief second.  A beautiful angel faces me with a smile that would have melted old Scrooge's heart and explains that the bar near his place is closed for the holiday.

We laugh and venture around Uptown looking for a place to converse and funny enough, we find a bar right near my place ironically.  Hearing the sounds of Christmas music along with reruns of Drag Race playing on the tv, we talk and talk as if time is standing still even though it was almost two hours.  We talk our views, thoughts, and dreams.. and then we realize it is getting late so we depart the bar and take a stroll along the snow coated streets.

Right before we break apart for the night, we share a long and sensual kiss good night as the snowflakes fall all around us with an echo of Christmas music playing in the background.  We then part ways knowing that this will be the only time we see one another but I thank the Christmas Angels above for letting me play out one of those schmaltzy holiday scenes I've grown up watching.

So in conclusion, as Shelby in Steel Magnolias once said ' I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special', and I agree with that sentiment in all aspects of life.


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