Fears of a single person on Valentine's Day

singleValentine's Day has come around again, as well as the reminder that I'm single for yet another year.  I made peace with that status a long time ago, but you can't help feeling a giant spotlight shining down on you when the day rolls around.  Whether that spotlight is being placed on you by society, or by ones own paranoia is open to discussion at least from an internal point of view.

With that said, when this time of year comes along, I realize there are two instances that being single really does suck.  Here are the two instances I've found looking back that I wished I hadn't been single.


1)     Job Layoff

I've not been a stranger to the giant hand of redundancy, and I've managed to pull myself up by the boot straps and forge a different path eventually.  However, I often wonder if I had a partner if the time frame would be shortened, or if the path toward the next stage in my life was smoother?

A lot of time I witness couples supporting one another especially when one of the people in the relationship are faltering.  It's true what people say... relationships are like a team.  Would an emotional and financial support system in place with a significant other help smooth out the bump in the road?  If anything, you'd have someone be your advocate and cheerleader.. encouraging you when you're feeling down or ready to give up.  It's nice to be able to be your own advocate and cheerleader, but during a time like a job layoff.. it would be nice to have a little security.


2)     If one becomes sick

I often think to myself that I'm content being single because I'm fairly healthy without any pressing health issues... but what if tomorrow that all changes?  How would I be able to make income, handle medical issues, and lastly... be able to be taken care of if I needed surgery or other medical treatments?  Not only would it be a strain physically and financially.. I'd be without any sort of emotional support/help that a significant other would provide.

Seeing how that happened to my late mom, I often wonder how things would have been if she'd been single and opted not to marry/have a family?  It's a reality I'm glad she never had to face, but since it looks like marriage and family are not in the cards for myself.. it leaves to wonder how things would change if something came about for me.


So as I ponder these two instances, it makes me wonder if those two fears/reasons are enough to get me into a partnership/relationship... or if I'll continue rolling the dice like I'm at a craps table in Vegas.  It makes me think that romance and flowers aren't the only thing to consider when wanting to enter a relationship.... security, friendship, and practical matters should also enter the equation.


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