Women's March 2018 proves the momentum is still going strong for true change

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When Donald Trump was elected as president, the majority of the country was in a state of shock (including those that voted for him during the 2016 elections).  However, once the shock wore off, people started to take stock of what the potential four years would be like and quickly sprung into action with marches and resistant groups.  While some far right naysayers questioned the logic of the women's march in 2017 (including the question of why women were marching when they still had rights, etc), I knew they were marching to show that they had a voice and to let the newest admin know that they weren't going the way of 'The Handmaid's Tale'.

Flash forward to January 20th 2018, it's the first anniversary of Trump becoming president and I've written a nice employee evaluation on his first year on the job. Not only that, but today is the 2018 Women's March with the theme of encouraging more women to run for public office. If true change is to be done, then the positions of office have to be filled with the groups most affected by Trump being in charge.

While I can't be at the march in Chicago today, just know that I will be voting for candidates that truly want change and will listen to all voices in America.. not just a select few voices. If the momentum being shown today is any indication, there is a pretty good chance the mid-term elections in November could possibly have some upsets in key offices and states. The key is putting in candidates that will listen and work for the American people, as opposed to just catering to a small base.

As the march continues, it makes me proud and happy to be an American.. to be able to speak our minds without any fear of being silenced by our government. It's healthy to show those in charge that they're doing a bad job of working for the people.. and that the day of being fired is coming closer and closer.

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