Work of Fiction --- Loss of Control -- Part 5

  Leon opens the door to his apartment, throws his backpack onto his sofa then heads for the fridge to get himself a sports drink.  He shifts through his mail then checks his phone to see if Jack’s called or texted him.  When he sees that he hasn’t, he sits down on his couch and tries to find something to watch on tv.

  After channel surfing several times, he switches off the tv and resumes worrying about his friend.  He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he knew something was off with his friend and wished he could figure out what was bothering him.  As he tries to brainstorm possible scenarios, he keeps remembering the article about the latest campus rape and continues thinking there’s a connection there.  Could his friend have witnessed one of the rapes, he wonders to himself.

   Before he could further explore this possibility, his phone vibrates indicating a new text and he looks down at it.  When he sees it’s his latest FWB Valerie, he quickly texts back a response before resuming his worry for Jack.  

   Thinking about the latest campus rape, he continues wondering if Jack knows something about it.  It would be out of character for Jack to keep something a secret.  For as long as he’s known Jack, he knew that keeping a secret wasn’t a character trait that he’d inherited.  He would have fessed up earlier when asked, so Leon dismisses his earlier theory and tries to think what could it be troubling his friend.

   Finishing his sports drink, Leon notices Valerie texting him back inviting him over to her place and he is tempted to go.  He texts back Valerie letting her know he’d be up for another hook up session.  He quickly brushes his teeth, grabs a condom from his bathroom drawer and prepares to leave for Valerie's place when his phone starts vibrating again.

    He races to the kitchen to retrieve his phone and notices it's someone calling from a number he doesn't recognize.  With a feeling of dread bubbling in the pit of his stomach, he answers/


     "Good Evening, is this Leon Fisher?" The male voice on the other end asks.

"Yes, what's wrong?!"  Leon asks, bracing himself for bad news about his family.

"You were listed as an emergency contact for Jack Claremont."

"Is he alright?"

"He's in critical condition and has been rushed to the hospital."  The voice pauses.  "We aren't ruling out a suicide attempt, but...."

"But what??"  Leon asks, kicking himself for going to work instead of staying with Jack.  He knew he was not acting right and fears he's done something to harm himself.

"I was wondering if you could come down to the station because we have some questions that I think you can clear up and I'd advise you to bring a lawyer."

Leon suddenly became confused at that last statement.  He got off the phone and couldn't believe he was being looked at as a suspect.  True, he had been at his apartment earlier and then  he realized something just then.  Someone possibly could have seen him pushing open Jack's door and letting himself in.

He sends a text to Valerie to say he couldn't come over and asked if she could have one of her law professors meet him at the station before he leaves his apartment.


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