Work of Fiction --- Loss of Control -- Part 4

Jack's heart starts racing as he raises the knife to defend himself, not realizing that it's Leon that opened the door.  Before he can use the knife, he feels a hand grab onto his wrist causing the knife to drop on the ground.

  “What’s going on Jack?”  Leon demands, fully convinced something is up with his friend and is determined to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

   Jack makes his way to the sofa, trying to think of something that would satisfy his friends question without revealing what actually happened.

  “I’m just stressed with school and pledge week, that’s all.”  Jack responds.

  “Bullshit,”  Leon blurts out.  “That may work on some people, but that doesn’t work on me.  What’s really going on?”

  “I told you, I’m under a lot of stress.”

  “Jack, you were holding a knife and were prepared to use it on me no matter what.  I probably should have waited till you opened the door again, but your reaction wasn't normal, what’s going on?"  Leon sits down on the sofa facing Jack.  "And I’m not leaving until you tell me the truth...the real truth.”  Leon then notices the newspaper sitting open.  

  Jack notices Leon eyeing the paper, snatching it before Leon could look at it.

 “I told you I’m under a lot of stress right now.  Why don’t you believe me?”

 “Because you’re hiding something, and I think I know what it is.”  Leon pauses, noticing a change in Jack’s expression.  “It has to do with the latest campus rape, doesn’t it?  Do you know something about that?”

  “No, of course not.”  Jack responds, feeling a little relieved.  “I know as much as anyone else reading the paper.  Why would you assume I would know anything.”

  Leon studies Jack for a minute, noting the tense body language and defensive tone in his voice.  He wouldn’t be surprised if Jack knew something more about the string of campus rapes then he would let on, explaining why he looked so tense and out of sorts earlier that day.

  “Because these rapes seem to be taking place close to the Greek Court, and you’re rushing so I figured maybe you stumbled onto something last night.. and can’t say anything due to some Greek, or pledge, protocol.”  Leon explains.  “Am I close?”

   Jack shakes his head, “No, not even.”

  “Well, whatever is bothering you, I wish you’d tell me.  We’ve known each other since middle school and we’ve been good friends for a long time.”  

   Jack smiles, recalling the first time he and Leon had met back in seventh grade when he was new to the school.  He’d also remembered how Leon had stuck up for him with some of his classmates over the fact he was gay.

  “Yes, I know and I’m glad we’re friends.  If something was truly bothering me that you could help me with, I would tell you in a heartbeat and…”

  Leon’s phone vibrates causing him to look at it and look disappointed.

  “That was my boss, I need to get to work.  Just remember you can come to me if you need anything.”

  Jack nods and the two hug before Leon lets himself out.  Once Leon's gone, Jack promptly locks the door and then heads to his bedroom to lie down for a bit.  As he enters, he notices something amiss and realizes it’s his closet door being open when he remembers closing it before leaving.  He wanders over to it and opens it revealing his shirts all ripped to shreds.  He slams the door shut and freaks out again when he sees the words ‘Faggot, you wanted it’ spray painted on his closet door.

  As the reality of this seeps into his mind, he starts to panic and races to grab the knife from the floor. He sits down on the sofa, holding the knife close to him and takes a gulp from his beer.  He tries to steady his nerves, finding himself thinking of ways he’d use the kitchen knife to torture his attacker.


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