Work of Fiction --- Loss of Control -- Part 3

   Seeing his attacker walking into the student union like he owned the place, makes Jack tense up even more.  He has the impulse to bury his face back in his book, hoping this would conceal him from being seen, but finds himself frozen in fear at the sight of him.

   He feels his heart racing, pounding in his chest like a drum and almost finding it difficult to catch his breath.  The room starts spinning, causing Jack to finally put his head down to catch his breath, but not before he’s seen by his attacker.

  Without looking up, he can sense his attacker walking toward him and tries to compose himself, but finding himself panicking even more.  He tries to take deep breaths reminding himself that he’s safe in a public place as he lifts his head up, but his body refuses to take heed of this and he finds his book starting to shake.

  As he tries to steady his hands, his attacker walks by the table and smiles at him before walking by. Once Jack knows that his attacker is far enough away, he finds himself relaxing and trying to resume studying from his book.  However, the impulse to look behind him proves too great and he does this, noticing his attacker sitting with a bunch of his fraternity brothers.

 As Jack stares at the table, he almost convinces himself that perhaps what happened the night before was perhaps just a bad dream.  However, when he sees the bruises on his wrist, he realizes sadly that it wasn’t a dream and starts to feel sick to his stomach as images from the night before flood into his mind.

  Every time an image pops up into his mind, he tries to shake his head as if it doing so would shake the memory from his mind.  After a few minutes of doing this and causing a neighboring table to look at him with an odd mixture of curiosity and scorn, he finally puts his stuff into his backpack and gets up to leave the student union.

 As he walks toward the exit, he glances back and sees his attacker looking at him before he puts his hand in his crotch before he smiles in an evil way.  Jack panics and quickly bolts from the student as his attacker laughs before turning his attention back to his frat brothers.


   Jack manages to make it back to his apartment, taking a minute to catch his breath before he tossing his backpack on the kitchen table and reaching into his fridge for a Miller Lite.  Not his first choice, he thinks to himself, but it’s the only thing alcoholic in his place and he needs something to calm him down.

  Sitting down on his sofa, he opens the bottle and quickly starts to drink it.  Feeling the icy coldness of the beer flow down his throat, he instantly feels refreshed and relaxed.  For a brief second, he forgets about the encounter in the student union until he picks up the newspaper and sees a heading reporting another rape on campus.

   Despite telling himself not to do so, he starts reading the article detailing the rape of a female co-ed near the Fraternity section of campus.  As he finishes the article, he flashes back to what happened to him,wondering if she was raped by the same person that he was.  

   Before he can think further, he hears a knock at the door and tenses up again.  As he approaches his front door, he instinctively picks up a knife and holds it behind him as he reaches the door.  Taking a deep breath, he slowly opens the door then quickly shuts it realizing he doesn't know whose on the other end.  As he checks to see whose on the other end of the door, the door opens and almost hits him on the face causing Jack to back away from the door with the knife ready to use.


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