How I plan to spend my 911 (September 11th) birthday

As I sit here on the morning of my birthday, I’m reminded of the significance of what happened 16 years ago.  It leaves me with conflicting feelings over the day since it’s both a day of remembrance, and also a day that should be a happy day for myself and others born on September 11th.... Read more »

Work of Fiction --- Loss of Control -- Part 8

The elevator doors open on the 4th floor and Leon exits the elevator just before the doors of the elevator shut.  He walks down the long corridor toward Jack’s room, bracing himself for what he might find when it gets there.  After finding out about his past mental issues from Officer Malone, Leon had been... Read more »

Work of Fiction --- Loss of Control -- Part 7

Jack can hear the heart monitor beeping faster and his breathing becoming rapid as he eyes his attacker entering then closing the door.  Is it possible that his attacker was waiting in the closet ready to attack, he wonders to himself.  Trying to will his fingers, or any part of his body, to move, he... Read more »

Work of Fiction --- Loss of Control -- Part 6

Leon stands outside the police station waiting for either Valerie, or one of her law professors to arrive.  As he waits, he plays back his brief visit with Jack and as he does this, the guilt over leaving him grows.  If only he had stayed instead of going to work, he could have either saved... Read more »

Work of Fiction --- Loss of Control -- Part 5

  Leon opens the door to his apartment, throws his backpack onto his sofa then heads for the fridge to get himself a sports drink.  He shifts through his mail then checks his phone to see if Jack’s called or texted him.  When he sees that he hasn’t, he sits down on his couch and... Read more »

Work of Fiction --- Loss of Control -- Part 4

Jack’s heart starts racing as he raises the knife to defend himself, not realizing that it’s Leon that opened the door.  Before he can use the knife, he feels a hand grab onto his wrist causing the knife to drop on the ground.   “What’s going on Jack?”  Leon demands, fully convinced something is up... Read more »

Work of Fiction --- Loss of Control -- Part 3

   Seeing his attacker walking into the student union like he owned the place, makes Jack tense up even more.  He has the impulse to bury his face back in his book, hoping this would conceal him from being seen, but finds himself frozen in fear at the sight of him.    He feels his... Read more »

My top book picks in honor of #‎NationalBookLoversDay‬ Part 2

  It’s that time of year again, where it is officially #Nationalbookloversday.  Now more then ever, it’s important to declare our love for books..not just today but everyday.  If demand and love for books decrease, we could find ourselves in a Fahrenheit 451 situation. As I did last year at this time, here are three... Read more »

Work of Fiction --- Loss of Control -- Part 2

     Leon Fisher makes his way into the student union, fighting through a mob of fellow students until he finds an empty table at the other end of the union.  He quickly stakes out the table, making sure all the books he unloaded from his backpack are placed on the table, leaving little to... Read more »

Work of Fiction--- Loss of Control--- Part 1

  Opening his eyes, Jack Claremont lies in a fetal position.  Why is he acting this way, he wonders to himself, before realizing the answer.  Despite his best efforts, he’s unable to get out of bed.  Even the loud blaring of the alarm clock on his phone fails to motivate him.  Instead, he finds himself... Read more »