Top 10 things my 9 month old has shoved in his mouth

Top 10 things my 9 month old has shoved in his mouth
Isaiah eating cat food.

I don’t know if anyone else has a teether at home but as soon as # 2 started teething everything was fair game for him to chew on. And when I say everything- I mean EVERYTHING. These things happen in seconds- I could be putting a shoe on the 5 year old and #2 shoves the cat in his mouth.

All of these are true:

10.  Cat food- He likes to do sensory play with the wet food- see above.

9. Cords, cords and more cords, any cord you think you hid he will find it and chew on it- Isaiah: (thinking 'cause he can’t talk yet) Oh look under that corner of the sofa-a phone charger! Yum! Let me just shove this thing in my mouth.

8. The cat- We have two- Harriet and Potter. (Get it?) Isaiah prefers their tails or to try to gnaw at their ears.

7. My chin- When holding him he will proceed to give me a hickey on my chin cause it looks sooooo yummy. I am then covered in spit.

6.- Metal on the shopping cart- You know the handle that you push it with? Yeah that thing, so yummy! Maybe there’s some strep or herpes on it he could enjoy.

5. His big brother’s head- Nothing says sibling bonding like trying to take a chunk out of a 5 year old’s head.

4. Newspaper- Isaiah loves newspaper- I just caught him a few seconds ago turning the Pakistani Times into paper mache strips.

3. Tissues- Right out of the bathroom garbage- yup even the snotty ones.

2. Dirty clothes, clean clothes, clothes that are being worn by others- He likes to eat buttons.

1. The corner of the rug in the living room-  He likes to pick it up and chew it like a New York Style pizza.

What are chew choices at your house? :)

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