The yearly St. Patricks day argument

Happy St. Patrick's day!
Guaranteed this happens every single year since I have known my husband. We have an argument over whether or not I am Irish or our kids are Irish. He insists that I am not Irish and I am just saying that because it's St. Patrick's day. He says that the kids are Pakistani and then "other stuff". The "other stuff" mind you is Irish, Italian, Polish, Greek and Swiss. Then we start to fight about it:
Me: I am Irish and the boys are Irish. My Paternal Grandmother's maiden name was Mcgill and her parents came to America from Ireland. This makes me Irish. Since the boys are my sons and I am their mother, that makes them Irish.
Him: Nope. You are not Irish.

Seriously? Well end the argument for once and all. I'm Irish and the boys are Irish right?

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