On Wednesday, the bloggers were given a topic to write about. The topic was procrastination. I believe we had an hour or so to write about it. Today is Friday. I am writing about it 2 days later. How's that for procrastination!

For craps and giggles anyway, here is what I procrastinate on. (OMG! I almost wrote procreate....I have 2 kiddos no more procreation!)

  1. Not eating chocolate. Everyday, I say I will not eat chocolate. Everyday I eat chocolate. Darn.
  2. Not eating sugar. See #1 above.
  3. Exercising. I said I would exercise everyday for 30 minutes. I do 15 minutes which is something I just started this week. Hey! It's something, right?
  4. Changing diapers. He just peed. It's not "too" bad.
  5. Cleaning house. Hey the 5 year old and husband live here too. Why can't they do it. Sharing is caring.
  6. Doing the medicaid logs for work. Every week I have to log when I see my students. Every week I have to log the same thing. 40 minutes. Group. Social skills. Repeat 37 times. Today is Friday. I did not do it yet.
  7. Monday's post. I did not do one. I said I was going to do 1 on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I did not. My bad.

O.K. It's like 70 something outside. That's all I can think of right now. We are going to go to an indoor play land.  I set up a school play date for my 5 year old's spring break last week when I didn't think it would be 70 out. Thanks for procrastinating Mother Nature!


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