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How To Stop The Terror Town Violence from Spreading: Zero Tolererance

Just hours after the end of Peace in the Park After Dark, and an afternoon where several groups were doing their back to school rallies and parties, the “Terror Town” violence found its way to my community. These beefs between posse’s with multiple gang affiliations are out of control and have found their way out... Read more »

Is There Anything Wrong With Politicians Meeting With Alleged Gang Leaders

A recent Chicago magazine article speaks of an alleged meeting between several City of Chicago Alderman, Aldermandic candidates and other politicians with alleged gang leaders. Here is an excerpt of the article At some of the meetings, the politicians arrived with campaign materials and occasionally with aides. The sessions were organized much like corporate-style job fairs.... Read more »

The Internet: A Gangsta's Paradise

The Internet: A Gangsta's Paradise
This past weekend I was engaged in an online conversation with my counterparts at The Sixth Ward Blog. The founder of the blog had noticed an unfamiliar traffic source and decided to check it out. The traffic was coming from a website called “The Hood Up”- Where America’s Hoods Meet. The site boast to be... Read more »