What Do You Want To Eat

What Do You Want To Eat

Recently a writer for DNAinfo-Chicago wrote an article on the status of two Chatham area restaurants. The two restaurants being Fleck's Coffee and Luversia's Soul Food. I have blogged about each in the past. In the article, the writer states that both restaurants have seen a decrease in business and in the case of Luversia's they are in serious financial trouble.

With Fleck's, I believe its a bump in the road and the owners will work their way through this slower period and move forward. But with Luversia's I believe it will be a long road ahead for them.

Luversia's located at 522 E 79th Street replaced the iconic Izola's restaurant. Izola'sIn a previous post I stated that it would be dufficult for someone to come behind Izola's and be successful and it appears this is the case. Based on some of the reviews I have gotten, the food and service is mediocre at best. With this economy and the wide range of taste"soul food" customers have it makes it very difficult to satisfy this customer base.

In another article a writer proposed that soul food restaurants in the city were having problems because potential customers had moved to the suburbs. Unfortunately, the writers premise was weak and unsubstantiated. In another post I had several noted chef critique the restaurants in Chatham.

Why do you think the restaurants in Chatham are having difficulties?



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