Do You Want To SEE POTENTIAL In The Sixth Ward

Earlier this year I saw a post on the now defunct Everyblock social media site about an organization SEE POTENTIAL. The organization  is a public art and community engagement project. They install large-scale documentary photographs to visualize community-driven development plans for Chicago's South Side and to tally the community support for each idea. The primary goal is to enable residents, community leaders, and elected officials to visualize the potential for sustainable, locally owned community development and to mobilize community support behind great ideas. 

In December of this year SEE POTENTIAL created a piece for Kusanya Cafe. Kusanya Cafe is going to a public cafe and meeting space in Englewood that is slated to open in late 2013.


Picture courtesy of the 6th ward Blog

Also, they are partnering with Imagine Englewood, a youth program provider located in Englewood, to do a similar project.

In Park Manor/Greater Grand Crossing there is the newly vacant lot at 71st Cottage Grove and in Chatham at 79th Rhodes, the old Rhodes theater site, there exist opportunity to create a public beautification project. I can see the 71st site coming together unfortunately I question can we come together as a community to See Potential in a project like this, at 79th Rhodes. or will we draw battle lines in the sand like what is going on with the vacant gas station site at 87th Vernon.

The answer depends on the residents to SPEAK UP! So do you want to see things stay the same or do you See Potential in changing things? To find out more about See Potential visit their website at See Potential. 

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