Izola White of Izola's Restaurant Needs Your Help

Izola White of Izola's Restaurant Needs Your Help


I have written before http://www.chicagonow.com/concerned-citizens-of-chatham/2012/05/the-end-of-an-era-no-izolas-in-chatham/ about the plight of Izola White owner of the legendary Izola's Fine Dining Restaurant at 522 E. 79th Street in the Chatham community. Although there have been several fundraisers to help her save the restaurant, they came up short and she was forced to sell the restaurant. Because they were not able to save the restaurant, Mrs. White is in a difficult financial situation. The income that she receives will not allow her to continue to stay in her home and will force her to go into a skilled nursing facility.
Today an email was sent out:

Hello friends in the 6th ward as Izola's guardian I believe its in order to report the status of our friend and love Izola White. As for those of you who called and wished her Happy 90th Birthday on the 3rd of November I say thank you wish you were there for cake and ice cream. As in previous post and mailings I have only 4 weeks to provide a viable solution to her financial dilemma therefore everything must be sold in order to help in this endeavor. Her restaurant equipment will be posted on Craig's list this week as well as some of her personal items. Her greatest need is for a home companion one that will move in with her and provide some of the care giver duties. If we can eliminate the funds to pay for care giver services she will nearly be able to afford her own expenses and remain in her home. I feel she deserves to live out her days in her home that we all will hope one day however reality is telling me different.  As I try one final time to create a financial plan I ask for you to pray on her behalf that God will open a door for her, my fear is that she will surely perish if the state places her in a home and seizes her estate. Finally if anyone can help in any way to help save this legend and icon please contact DeWayne Mason at 773-936-1455 and give your suggestions. Thank you...

If you can help or know of a caregiver, please contact Mr. Mason.

Here is the previous post I wrote

 Recently, Mr. Spencer Leak Sr., owner of Leak's Funeral home was interviewed by the Chicago Crusader about this situation

“I just read about Izola White in the Chicago Crusader and did not know it had gotten to the point that she would have to move out her home and into a nursing home. We (Izola and I) go back over 50 years and I cannot just sit back and do nothing,” Spencer Leak Sr. told the Crusader after reading a July 19 story about White’s pending move to a nursing home due to finances.

On September 8 and 9th, 2012, there will be two fundraisers held at the restaurant. From 3-7pm each day individuals can come by and wish Mrs. White happy birthday. The Saturday, September 8th event will include a jazz band,guest speakers, and picture auction(pictures from the restaurant). A $250.00 donation is requested. On Sunday, September 9th,2012 it will be senior day in the parking lot with food and drinks.

If anyone wants to make a donation but is not able to attend the fundraisers they can contact Mr. Dewayne Mason directly at 773-936-1455 or friendsforizola@comcast.net. Donations can also be mailed to Izola White, P.O. Box 198717, Chicago, IL 60619. And all checks should be made payable to “The Estate of Izola White.”

Mr. Mason also stated in the Crusader piece:

“I understand that not everyone can donate financially but can support us with in-kind services like volunteering, food donations or other services,” Mason explained. “And even if a person cannot make the minimum $250 donation, they can still come and give what they can because she needs it.”

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