Volunteerism: Are You Ready To Step Up

Over the last several months this blog and The Sixth Ward Blog have been contacted by individuals in the community who have identified a need and looking for like minded individuals to work with to fulfill this need.

The response was quite frankly dismal and it made it appear that people in the community didn't care about their fellow man. We complain about the problems in our community, our elected officials and crime. While we need to hold the respective parties accountable, we are also are going to have to step up and use our collective intellectual capacity to make our community better.

On EveryBlock we had a resident volunteer her services to teach computer classes, another resident Republican committeeman Darnell Macklin is working with returning citizens to help reduce recitivism. Another resident is interested in expanding the arts in our community and one is interested in working to increase the green space in our community. This is a small selection of projects that require volunteers from the community. Volunteers are needed on the North end of the ward with urban gardening and on the South end to help with beautification. Throughout the 6th ward our parks superintendents are always in need of volunteers for the park advisory councils as well as individuals to teach classes. Organizations such as Mather's More than a Cafe and the Department of Aging center at Senior Suites that cater to our young at heart citizens can always use volunteers.

While I know a number of our neighbors generously give time to their church's, fraternal organizations and other social service agencies, your community also needs your time and expertise. We the writers at both Concerned Citizens of Chatham and The Sixth Ward Blog want to here from you. If you are interested in volunteering and do not where to go, we want to refer you to groups and agencies who have contacted us. If you are a group or agency looking for volunteers contact us so we can let the residents know you need volunteers. You can contact at the following addresses
The Sixth Ward Blog
Concerned Citizens of Chatham
You can also send us a message through Facebook or tweet us at Twitter.

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