Should We Bar the Dance /Drill Teams From Soliciting on our Corners?

Should We Bar the Dance /Drill Teams From Soliciting on our Corners?

I wrote the following post back in 2010 and the "footwork" dance craze was going on. Fast forward to 2012 while riding throughout  the Southside of the city I noticed that this summer the same thing is still going on. Whether its 95th,87th,79th Dan Ryan or on the far Southaeast side on Indianapolis Blvd. While I admire the "positive" aspect of the youth. I have to still ask the following questions. 

Now that summer is in full swing we are now seeing what has become common in our community. The alleged dance/drill team member soliciting funds for uniforms so they can perform in the upcoming Bud Billiken parade.

The concern is that these young people spend a good portion of the day on these corners and some of the performances are in poor taste. Also, there is typically no adult supervision so most of the activity is unorganized.

In light of recent violent incidents in our community as well as it is illegal to peddle or on most of the major streets in our ward. Should we push the police to enforce the no peddling/soliciting laws and move these young people off the corners for everyone's safety?


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  • I don't have any use for the middle of the street peddlers, including for Miseracordia home throughout the north side and suburbs.

    However, there is a tradition of going out and soliciting for band uniforms and the like. If people aren't buying girl scout cookies and band candy from them, they have to have some way to raise the money.

    That's, of course, assuming, that it actually is for uniforms for the Bud Billiken Parade.

    And, to get to my first point, I do believe there is a reason why power car windows have instant up. Especially with regard to the middle of the street towel sellers.

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