How Do You Live In Chicago and Your Car Live In The Suburbs

How Do You Live In Chicago and Your Car Live In The Suburbs

2012 annual city sticker
Today the City of Chicago Clerk's office will have vehicle sticker sales at the 6th ward Alderman's office. Many of my neighbors will fork over $85-180 per vehicle for an annual sticker that allows them to park on City of Chicago streets for one year. The price of the stickers continues to go up as the city needs the revenue.

Many of the surrounding suburbs also require vehicle stickers and most are cheaper than Chicago. Also, many of these suburbs do not allow non registered vehicles to park overnight on public streets. But in Chicago, these suburban vehicles can park all day and all night.

What puzzles me is that I have neighbors who do not have City of Chicago stickers and some do not even have State of Illinois license plates but have perpetual renewing temporary plates. Some state the car is registered in the suburbs, but yet they do not have a suburban vehicle sticker on the car. There are only a handful of suburban municipalities who do not have a vehicle registration fee and I doubt that some of my neighbors ever lived there. Then on the Southside we have those who vehicles live in Indiana. Per the City of Chicago Clerk's office you have 30 days to register a vehicle upon moving within the city limits. Unfortunately, some have interpreted this as 30 years or never. Also, many of the individuals doing this are not bad people but, there are those who cause parking congestion with several cars parked on the street and others engage in this act because they are street pharmaceutical representatives and or engaging in other nefarious activities.

So the next time the city looks at increasing the vehicle registration fee they need to look at going after the residents who live in the city but who vehicles live in the suburbs but hang out in Chicago.

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