Graduation 2012: Chicago State University First Pharmacy Class

Graduation 2012: Chicago State University First Pharmacy Class

This past week Chicago State University(CSU) held commencement for their largest class ever and the first College of Pharmacy class graduated.

Chicago State University's College of Pharmacy graduated its first class of 77 Doctors of Pharmacy this past Thursday at the Jones Convocation Center.

The program has been recognized as the most diverse pharmacy program in Illinois and one of the most diverse in the nation, ranking No. 11 in underrepresented minority student-pharmacist enrollment. The composition of the 2012 graduating class is one-third Caucasian, one-third Asian and one-third African-American. The COP has, as its goal, producing pharmacy professionals who will positively affect the health care needs of a global community.

The 77 students took their oaths as Doctors of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) and received their hoods on May 16. The Oath & Hooding Ceremony was followed by a dinner and reception at the Grand Ballroom of Navy Pier. On May 17, the newly minted pharmacists joined students across CSU for a college-wide commencement. The Oath & Hooding Ceremony and graduation events were held at the Emil & Patricia Jones Convocation Center on the campus of CSU.

In an age where the value of a college degree is up for debate, one thing is clear: Pharmacists are in high demand, and those to enter the profession can expect high salaries, starting at $95K, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Images courtesy of Chicago State University Public Relations Dept.

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