Can Reggio's Pizza Get a Fair Deal from Chicago Public Schools

Can Reggio's Pizza Get a Fair Deal from Chicago Public Schools

Reggio's Pizza started as a single restaurant on 79th street in Chatham over 20 years ago and grew to offering pizza's to various foodservice providers including the Chicago Public Schools. Today, after several years of call from the company, community leaders and local politicians the Chicago Public Schools and their food vendoe Chartwells have not answered the call to give Reggio's a fair deal. below is what I posted on my blog several years ago courtesy of my fellow blogger Toure Muhammed and Bean Soup Times.

Chartwells-Thompson Hospitality's Use Of ("Minority Pass-Thru Company") Is Reason Black-Owned Frozen Pizza Manufacturer Will Be Forced To Layoff 40 Hardworking Employees

Reggio's Pizza takes great pride in delivering an award-winning pizza produced in a state-of-the-art, USDA-inspected,immaculate south side facility to children in Chicago Public Schools, which provides jobs for many hard-working, honest Chicago residents.

For three (3) years running, Reggio's Pizza has won the "Most Preferred Menu Item" in the High Schools, an honor voted by the High School students. So passionate about helping students make health choices, Mr. Clark, President/CEO of Reggio's Pizza and its staff, with the assistance of General Mills, developed a whole wheat pizza crust, in an effort to promote good health among young people, consistent with First Lady Michelle Obama's focus on nutrition and obesity.

But all that may come to an end at the end of this school year, June, 2010 because Chartwells, a North Carolina-based company that up until now contracted with Reggio's to provide the pizzas to middle and high schools, has decided to end Reggio's Pizza contract. "I was led to believe that my contract was being renewed" said Mr. Clark.

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