Hidden Gems from the Chatham Community

Hidden Gems from the Chatham Community

While we look at the larger businesses and personalities in our community, there are some lesser known businesses and people doing some fascinating things in our community.

One of the comments I get on a regular basis is "the community needs a restaurant with healthy food options". Well, there is a company that is doing just that for those on the go. The company Soul Vegan Foods is offering vegan options on the go for the busy individual and family. I found out about this company on my recent visit to KKC-Washburne Culinary Institute (will discuss in another post later). The owners are former Soul Vegetarian restaurant employees. While these gentleman do not have a restaurant in our community, their offering can be found throughout the city and I'm sure they can make it available at local stores.

Secondly, Zumba is the hottest fitness craze and I constantly here about residents going all over the city to find classes. Chatham has a local Zumba instructor, Cheryl Chrismon. Ms. Chrismon is not only a Zumba instructor but a personal fitness/lifestyle coach. She currently has classes at Avalon Park, but is available to start classes at other locations.

Lastly, a project spearheaded by Pastor Kenety Gee of Chatham Fields Lutheran Church is starting to gain momentum. The Chicago Urban Children's Choir is a choir made up for children who just want to sing. The choir does not get the attention that several other high profile children choirs get, its a good, fun and safe activity for young people to show their creative talent.

What is your secret gem?

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