Gardening: A Chatham Tradition

Gardening: A Chatham Tradition

white house garden
It's April, the basketball players are hooping hoping to be the next Anthony Davis, BBQ grills are going and the grass is already green on King Drive. The warriors are armed and ready with their lawn shears to do battle against crabgrass and other invasive species that do not fit in with the Kentucky bluegrass manicured lawns

Perfectly manicured lawns, flower gardens and backyard vegetable gardens are a normal springtime occurrence you will see in Chatham. Neighbors are meticulous about their lawns and gardens and can sometimes get ugly about you disturbing their lawns and gardens. But, there are also the wanna be's who want a great lawn and a great garden but haven't quite gotten the touch yet or just can't find the time to do what they know they are suppose to do.

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the Flower and garden show at Navy Pier. The show should have been titled it's not your parents Flower and Garden show. the show has evolved from displays of exotic flowers and complex gardens but to modern day displays on creating outdoor living spaces, urban gardens and how to look like an expert when gardening.

I'm one of the wanna be's and I learned a lot at the show. I learned how to keep roses a little longer, found some great plant food and fungicide. How to create a roof top garden for those grey and brown stone homeowners. The best display was a replica of the White House living garden. Also, was introducted to a cool website My Garden Insider

Hopefully, with all these tools I and others can go from wanna be to a warrior.


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