It's Time to Come Out and Play

It's Time to Come Out and Play

Long overdue the Chicago Park District completed the new play lot at Cole Park in Chatham . The 'Thomas Wortham IV Playlot" was dedicated this past fall and along with the play lot other overdue repairs and renovations were completed. A new entrance walkway with fountain, upgraded walking track and upgraded multpurpose surface for the basketball courts are all in place.

Also, the renovation of Brown Park is on the Chicago Park District Capital Improvement calendar. There are those in the Chicago Park District who have stated that the Cole Park renovations were a waste of money because Chatham residents would not take advantage of the renovations and upgrades. Also, the Brown Park plan is woefully deficient as it does not call for bathroom facilities.

So are we going to prove them right? Are we going to jepordize the renovation of Brown Park?

I don't think so, I think we as a community will show the naysayers that we can have Zumba, Stepping, Line Dancing classes that get to large for the fieldhouse and have to be held on the basketball courts. We will have
park wide events such as jazz concerts, movies, etc that will attract individuals outside the community as well.

So let come out and play. Go to the Chicago Park District website, contact the park superintendent or advisory council president and tell them what you would like to see.

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