Can A Lobbyist Become a Great Legislator

Can A Lobbyist Become a Great Legislator

This is not an endorsement of any candidate and should not be construed as such. This post is no longer than the average post I write.

This is the question Chatham residents and residents of the 34 Legislative District will decide next Tuesday. The question has been brought up in several local candidate debates. At the Greater Chatham Alliance (GCA) forum, an individual attempted to ask the question after a long drawn out diatribe about Mr. Elgie Sims. At the West Chatham Community Association (WCCA)forum an individual again attempted to hijack the event, eventually causing a scene while the questioning panel was asking questions. Also, this past week a email from an unknown source sent me the following email.

Informed voter speaks out on Elgie Sims candidate for State Representative for the 34th District.
What the voters need to hear:

I am a concerned voter who has come to startling revelation concerning Mr. Elgie Sims. I have read up on the entire candidate field but the most disturbing realizations have come from Mr. Sims. After the Harlan HS forum I decided that the people should be aware to just how messed up things can get with this man in office.
So I want to share some quotes from an article that I read along with my highlighted comment, questioning what he doesn’t want US the voters to know.

On Feb. 16, Attorney Elgie Sims, an engaging candidate for state representative (34th District, south side Chicago) in the March 20 Democratic primary, held a fundraiser at Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse in the Near
To bad there is no place within the 34th district to hold a fundraiser....humm!!!
Naegele knew Elgie Sims because he served for 10 years with the Illinois Senate Democrats under the leadership of Senate President Emil Jones, a leader whom both Perry Buckley and Bill Naegele had worked with before. I took a few photos of Sims with Naegle and prepared for a brief interview, as we were there quite early. The crowd was slim. Naegele said, “Elgie Sims knows the state budget better than anyone down there now, and he also knows how to get one passed.”
My question is if Mr. Sims knows better than anyone and knows how to get things passed, then that means he has been apart of the same group who have thrown this state into complete chaos and he wants to come off like he'll work hard at balancing a budget..Hello!!!! He is the business as usual group that put us in this stinkin mess .... I'm no dummy and I can smell a rat.. We all should.

His wife is a juvenile probation officer in Cook County and is a member of AFSCME Local 3477. He indicates he is in full support of organized labor. (But what does he know about the working and understanding the needs and interest of organized labor? Sounds like his wife might know more about it than Mr. Sims

Then, Raoul took the microphone and introduced Sims to the audience. He was brief: “I’ve served in the Illinois Senate for seven years, and I wished I had more troops in the legislature like Elgie Sims. I need people who know how to get bills passed. Elgie can hit the ground running in Springfield . He knows how the process works, and he’s a lawyer.
I don't know about other voters but this is scary. The fact that he is liked by the status quo means he is the status quo. AND seems to me every screwed up politician in this state and those for decades who have been locked up in jail have been LAWYERS....Here we go again

He knows what we can do, and what we can’t do. His election would be a unique opportunity.”
Sounds like good ol boy club, business and usual to me!!!!!

As for the Harlan HS forum this past Tuesday, there was a very very pissed off lady in the audience that wanted to ask Elgie a question about his background. She was finally able and the response from Mr. Sims absolutely floored me... I couldn't believe what I heard.

In a nutshell, she asked him how he thought he could serve the people of the district with impartiality when he’s been making his money from list of lobby interest interest groups that have been his clients for years and there are ALOT.
I found out that, that’s all his company does. Represent special interest and lobby for their concerns down in Springfield .......This can’t be good people!

Elgie Sims reply was a jaw dropper.

Hs said well his law firm does represent clients that are lobbyist & said that he is a lawyer and will CONTINUE his practice if elected.
( Do you hear what he’s saying to us?)

He didn't address the fact that he works as a lobbyist on behave of special interest groups, and received campaign contributions from some.
Even If this were true how in the hell could I vote for someone is telling me this.

But in fact, he’s lying by omitting the truth, which is, the company that he owns, Illinois Governmental Consulting Group LLC does nothing but lobby in Springfield but he wouldn’t admit openly this was true.... He’s arrogant and thinks were stupid & uniformed who will blindly follow.
I will call a spade a spade but in this case, I'm calling it a damn dirty shovel.

( Today looking for his company website has all but sudden made to vanish into thin air.. Today you can’t find out about his company thru their website because its gone---Now why the hell would that be if everything was on the up and up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think about this people , something is not right here!

The most important of being a state rep is representing the people and their issues not representing the needs of the same old broken parts of failed leadership.and Elgie Sims seems to tout that he has been smack dab in the middle of this faiing system.
Who knows who and what sorts of behind doors deals he's already made himself a part of just to get to this point.
As concerned voter of the the 34th district I think this candidate is bought and paid for and indebted to others already.... and he won't get my vote!

The individual emailed this because local Blogs "The Sixth Ward Blog and "Concerned Citizens of Chatham" will not allow an ads that attack a candidates family members. It's just plain tacky.

Note: The Sims campaign and the 6th ward democratic organization were notified about this email and chose not to publicly comment.

The candidate Elgie Sims is a former state budget director under former leader Emil Jones. Mr. Sims also ran for Cook County Commissioner against William Beavers and lost in a very close race. Mr. Sims currently is a private attorney and represents numerous clients. The allegations levied against him alleged that he has lobbied state legislators for Commonwealth Edison and the Payday Loan Industry.

Mr. Sims answered the allegations stating that in any decisions he made to represent clients he always put the interest of the community he lives in and the district he seeks to represent first and above all others. The answer was sufficient for most as some rose to their feet and applauded him at the WCCA forum. The answer was deficient to some as he would not disclose who he represents. some feel this is an indication that he is an insider and not a reformer, some argue so what and it could be a plus because he could go to Springfield with a leg up on all the other freshmen legislators. Lastly, others argue this is sour grapes by some of opponents as Mr. Sims has been endorsed by the Chicago Tribune, Cook County Democratic party, Mayor Emmanuel and the retiring legislator Constance "Connie" Howard. However, the race is still very close as several of his lesser known opponents such as Sandra Wortham and Kyle Kasperey have made great showings, and his other two opponents Richard Wooten and Paul Gregoire have made good showings as well, at the candidate forums.

So can this lobbyist become the great legislator the 34th district needs?

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