Will We See The Return of Chatham-Avalon Park?

Will We See The Return of Chatham-Avalon Park?

Now that its been over 30 days and the city council still has no agreement on redistricting. The proposed reduction of the council from 50 to 25 members is gaining support. So if that would happen where would it leave Chatham and the 6th ward? The most logical choice would be to merge the 6th and 8th wards and basically recreate the "old 8th ward'. I know for most this doesn't make sense but up until the late 1950's, the 8th ward included most of the current 6th ward.

The community was referred to Chatham-Avalon Park and even brought on the name of the oldest community based organization Chatham Avalon Park Community Council. The communities broke off and became separate and distinct organizations when the communities were separated into the 6th and 8th wards. The community organization separated even though the name still exist when the Avalon Park members decided to go with a University of Chicago led organizer attempting to create a southside based super organization that would rival Operation Breadbasket now known as PUSH. The attempt fell and the Avalon Park community was left without a community organization.

There are those who are seeking to reunite the communities as both current Alderman supported SSA 51 and are working to revitalize the 79th Street and Cottage Grove corridor. The sixth ward contains a network of block clubs and community organizations such as Chatham Avalon Park Community Council, Park Manor Neighbors, Greater Chatham Alliance and Chesterfield Community Council while the 8th ward has block clubs with no predominate community organization, a bunch of internet trolls pretending to be community activist and a bunch of drive by community activist.

If this would come to pass who would you want to represent you?

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