The Internet: A Gangsta's Paradise

The Internet: A Gangsta's Paradise

This past weekend I was engaged in an online conversation with my counterparts at The Sixth Ward Blog. The founder of the blog had noticed an unfamiliar traffic source and decided to check it out. The traffic was coming from a website called "The Hood Up"- Where America's Hoods Meet. The site boast to be an authority on gang activity nationwide.

Apparently, one of their members decided to use a post from the blog to make a point. The blog post on The Sixth Ward site centered around a television report on Beat 624. The beat is a term Chicago Police use to define an area. Beat 624 borders the Chatham community at 79th Cottage Grove and was referred to as the "deadliest beat" in Chicago earlier this year because of the high level of violence. Well this is what this contributor to "The Hood Up" had to say

Re: Most Hardcore GD sets in the CHI???

n$%%!& sound stupid talkin about GD's fell off...the wildest areas in the city is where the folks 79th and cottage

the folks goin at wit each other basically, but best believe its still die 5 around this b@#$^.

stones is bums and was never known for getting money anyway thou

Speaking to some who are more knowledgeable about gang matters, state this is not the only site like this. They also feel this person is not a gang banger but hangs around people affiliated with a gang. When you peruse this site some of the comments sound like a little corny but some are very scary and I wouldn't take lightly.

Some have said the gangs are the same only the names have changed but it appears that cyberspace has changed not only the names but the game.

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